During the years of QualitApps Asia establishment as a software development company in Sri Lanka we had to overcome many challenges and yet within a few years time we were able to grow from a small team to 50+ employees of a medium sized software company.

QualitApps held back growth during the 2 years of Covid-19, but kept all our employees, and invested in marketing and sales to be able to maintain the number of active projects and not have to lay off any of our teams while most of other IT companies in Sri Lanka reduced their staff and salaries; instead not only we kept all our employees, we even raised the salaries according to the usual employee career performance.

QualitApps understands that the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka is intense as same as the situations occurred during its easter bombing attacks and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although there is still much uncertainty about the future of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, we are very much concerned about the well-being of our teams on a professional and if necessary on a personal level. QualitApps provides our people with a cost-of-living allowance to counter the burdens of rising inflation and the rupee depreciation. Furthermore, many other types of allowances are provided to our developers to purchase equipment that would allow them to stay productive.

Even though we have been desperate to come and work in an office, we are still unable to do so due to the goods and services shortage crisis. Since Covid-19 pandemic we adopted and established protocols for remote work and QualitApps management proudly appreciates our team’s attitude and the commitment towards the uninterrupted work performance during the worst crises in the country.

We are also very encouraged by our customers’ continuous support and the increasing number of projects have helped us a lot to keep the momentum going in these difficult times. We hope they will hold hands with us and recommend to emerging clients for us to reach higher grounds.

Further, as an IT company which brings foreign investments to the country we believe in good governance, and support all the fundamental rights available to every citizen to voice their concerns freely via engaging in peaceful protests and wish more powers rallying around Sri Lanka, the nation can restore its stability.

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