As a lead and a fast adopter to the latest technologies in the IT industry, QualitApps would like to share a few important facts on this new version.

10th November 2020, .net 5 has been released which is the newest version of .net and alongside following versions has been released.

  • 5
  • Wpf/winforms 5
  • C# 9 and F# 5
  • Blazor

With the new release, below versions of .net 2.1, are no longer supported and .net V5 will have a support of one year until the next release. As Microsoft planned, every even number is a LTS version (3 years of support).

.NET V5 is the fastest framework, which was built up to date. It is 30% faster than .net core 3.1. with following improvements,

  • .net 5 able to reduce the latency on their requests
  • Improvements of gRPC which is able to get over above c++ and go. (improvements of HTTP/2)

.NET V5 is a unified version for all the platforms. Now developers can share .net standard libraries across multiple platforms such as Winforms/WPF/Xamarin/

Improvements of Garbage collector and JIT able to speed up the application and also be able reduces resource allocation on the memory.

Now it’s able to develop and run the ARM64 applications natively.

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