In QualitApps, we have tested it, and we have seen that this major version of the framework provides improved performance, smaller bundle sizes and most importantly…

1) Composition API
This provides users with a set of function-based API’s that can be used to fundamentally change the way we write Vue components. The Composition API is an optional replacement for the Options API which was used in Vue 2.

2) Suspense
It helps us delay the displaying of content until an asynchronous operation such as an API call is completed. By wrapping the elements of our component with a Suspense element, we can specify something like a loading screen to be displayed until we have completed an asynchronous operation in the background.

3) Teleport
Teleport can be used to render an element somewhere outside of its current context. This can be useful for reusability purposes. For example, we can create a button component somewhere in our project and teleport it into a layout component without having to import it separately. This helps us keep the codebase clean and organized.

4) We can now have multiple root elements

5) Full TypeScript Support

QualitApps is expert in Javascript frameworks like VueJS, Angular and React.

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