In 2016 QualitApps was one of first companies in Sri Lanka to develop with .Net Core, last year with Flutter and now, we are working with our first project with Blazor.

Blazor, a combination of Browser and Razor names, is a single page application development framework released two months ago. We can compose rich and intelligent customer side web UI using C#. In fact, it will be fully integrated with .Net 5, which is previewed to be released in November. It’s planning to have a single unified UI framework for all the web, desktop and mobile platforms in future.

Why Blazor:
– We can write modern web applications using C#.
– It’s opensource and it supports major browsers
– It can call JS frameworks and libraries using JS interop
– It can use Nuget packages
– It can use same component models on both client and server sides
– It’s supposed to be faster than Javascript, as it’s using WebAssembly

Hey, Sri Lankan developers, maybe it’s time to think about joining us if you want to use the latest technologies. We are always with them, and we are still hiring!

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