The world is witnessing the impact of Covid-19 on all facets of life, in all countries and in all industries. The crisis has put many businesses in an extremely challenging situation. Offices are being closed, meetings postponed and employees sent home.

During the lockdown, QualitApps Asia (Our office in Colombo, Sri Lanka) transitioned to WFH model (Work From Home) rather smoothly providing business continuity to our clients without lowering quality or productivity.

As we are in the IT industry, the digital workplace is of crucial importance in ensuring uninterrupted production. And with a modern digital workplace, comprising critical tools, online meetings, chat and collaboration applications, the shift to 100% remote work didn’t find all that dramatic.

QualitApps employees have location flexibility during this pandemic situation and the majority of employees have already adapted to the new way of working and they love to stay home.

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